I name this blog..

At precisely 10.12 last Saturday evening (5 December) we were launched. After delivering a brief speech wishing well to all those who navigated in and around the good ship greyhares, Jeanette Reid clicked the ‘blog visibility’ button and we went live.

Jeanette, grey haired and grey mattered (an Oxford physics graduate of the early 1960s), had won the privilege to do the honours in an impromptu competition. In a short speech in a secret and rainswept West London location (an important detail as the dining room had a glass roof making words indistinct), Jeanette apparently convinced the judges (Al and Joe) that she was the best candidate for the job (at that time in the evening the other guests had lost the competitive edge!).  It is also thought that Jeanette said as part of her oration how excited she was with the development and how she would like to be involved in some way.

We look forward to Jeanette joining the greyhares team!

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