Hare today, hare tomorrow

Hare today, hare tomorrow

One of the two things I learned at school and can still remember (the other was that Samuel Johnson had a cat called Hodge whom he fed on oysters and described as “a very fine cat indeed”) was that young hares in their first year are called leverets.

With this fountain of General Knowledge to draw upon, it can be no accident that when I had to dream up a title for this blog, I came up with “Greyhares”. Let’s be realistic, it wasn’t much of a choice – the internet needs more stuff about cats like it needs more tweets from Donald Trump. At least I can console myself that I wasted only 50% of my education, which is much less than most people I know.

And now, seven years into the life of this blog (equivalent to only one year in the life of a hare, we are told) one of our leverets has come of age and is just about ready to bound off and set up on his own. Co-founder and Greyhares stalwart, Joe Collier, has been responsible for well over 200 posts since we started, and in recognition of this fantastic achievement we have now set him up with a blog of his own.

The Joe Collier blog is coming soon, and to carry on receiving email notifications of Joe’s new posts (he promises no more than two a month) we are asking his loyal band of followers to register at joecollier.blog/follow (or simply click the button below).

It takes a few seconds to register and requires only an email address:


Meanwhile, Greyhares isn’t standing still either and may be setting off in search of new pastures soon. More on that next time!

Photo credit:  Running Ethiopian Highland Hare (Lepus starcki)  by Jeffrey KerbyCreative Commons 2.0, (Wikimedia)

One comment on “Hare today, hare tomorrow
  1. Joe says:

    Dear Al, With the launch of my new blog today I have just come of age, a development that would never have occurred without your help, support and encouragement. It has been a wonderful journey and a privilige to share. Like everyone else, I look forward to seeing the ‘new pastures’ that Greyhares treads. Thank you, Joe

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