About greyhares

It won’t be long, so they say, before the average UK male can expect to live to age 85.

If you are one of the baby boomer generation pushing 60 in either direction, then the prospect of living to 85 or more  is rather like the opposite of being a teenager. Like the teenager, this age group can be rebellious, irascible, restless, given to not cleaning our rooms and, sometimes, ourselves.

Unlike the teenager, we are beyond blaming our parents. We’ve acquired experience along the way and, some might say, a fair amount of wisdom.

This blog, originally called “Not Dead Yet!” is the blog for this generation. We chose Greyhares because we like to think ourselves not only older and wiser but, with luck and appropriate medication, we can still give the kids a run for their money.

Our aim is to offer a quirky, rebellious, restless, sometimes provocative, sometimes humorous take on being older. Read on!

[also see Joe Collier On Being Older, 3rd Dec, 2009].