The Great Pears Soap Reversal

The Great Pears Soap Reversal

Following adverse consumer reaction and campaigns here on greyhares and on Facebook, Unilever has announced  a rethink of the disastrous reformulation of its much loved 200 year old brand, Pears Transparent Soap. The Daily Mail of  7th January reports that “following a deluge of complaints, owners of the brand Hindustan Unilever Ltd which is based in Mumbai have agreed to produce something ‘much closer to the old soap’ from March this year.”

This news is to be given a cautious welcome. Let’s hope that ‘much closer’ doesn’t mean merely removing the “disgusting smell” (not my words) whilst leaving  in the PEG4 and other chemical additives.  Unless the soap’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic properties are restored,  many of us will still not be using the re-reformulated soap.

It was a campaign that started here on greyhares last month and we are proud to have played our part in the apparent climb-down.  Thanks to everyone who has contacted us and/or posted a comment but let’s keep our powder (and our soap) dry until the re-reformulated soap comes out.

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